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High Performance Soloist Course
Accademia Perosi, Biella, Italy.
Starting 19 May 2016.
Maximum of 6 students.
6 sessions per year, each session will be a two day intensive.
Performance opportunities.
Scholarhops available.
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30 November - 6 December 2015
Masterclasses in Italy
Masterclasses with Robert Cohen at the
Accademia Perosi, Biella, near Torino, Italy.

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New fillmed masterclasses on line
Filmed at the Lake District Summer Music Festival 2014.
Brahms Sonata No.2 in F major.
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The Robert Cohen Lectures 2014-15

At the Royal Academy of Music, London.
Lecture 1: 1st October. Lecture 2: 17th November 2014. Dates for Lectures 3-6 will be set soon.

1. Practising
Time efficient, productive and enjoyable practise.

2. Sound
Power and beauty in the concert hall.

3. Vibrato and staccato
Techniques for speed and expressive flexibility.

4. Memorising music
The 5 fundamentals.

5. Concentration
How and what to focus on when playing music.

6. Performing anxieties
Dealing with nerves and tensions.

International Chamber Music course in Italy with the Fine Arts Quartet 2015-16
Accademia Perosi

Intensive chamber music training for young professional string based ensembles.

A two-year course open to all musicians under 36. The first year of the course will be held from February to November 2015 in the Palazzo Gromo Losa, the home of Perosi Academy, Biella.
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Filmed masterclass of Brahms Sonata No.2 in F
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Filmed masterclass of Schubert Arpegione Sonata
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Masterclass article on Dvorak Cello Concerto
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Masterclass article on Brahms Sonata No.1 in E minor
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